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Insatiable Press Day 2

Insatiable Press Day 2

Day two has been finished! On Friday (October 18) Debby moved from radio to television interviews about Insatiable Season 2.

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Question & Answer on Insatiable Season 2

Question & Answer on Insatiable Season 2

Debby is slowly finishing her press tour to the Philippines for Insatiable Season 2 and she seemed to have a blast. Yesterday Debby, Dallas Roberts and Gloria Diaz sat down for an exclusive Q&A about the second season.

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Insatiable Season 2 Philippines Event Day 2

Insatiable Season 2 Philippines Event Day 2

The main fan event of Insatiable in Manila has taken place yesterday (October 8) and Debby rocked it. Not only did Debby, Dallas Roberts and Gloria Diaz talk about the upcoming second season of the show and Gloria’s guest appearances, but the three also were judges on a special beauty pageant. Seemed so much fun and congrats to the King & Queen.

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Debby Ryan On Why You Should Give Netflix’s Insatiable A Chance

Debby Ryan On Why You Should Give Netflix’s Insatiable A Chance

Last year, when Netflix’ Insatiable released its first season’s trailer, not all viewers gave themselves the chance to watch the show in its entirety. That is all about to change this time around.

Calling the first season’s trailer “fatphobic” and “offensive,” viewers were taken aback by the said preview, because it depicted Debby Ryan’s character, Patty Bladell, getting thin to impress people.

After the first season’s run, mixed reviews were put out. Some understood and enjoyed it, while others had mistakes to point out. A year later, a second season was made and they’re ready for redemption.

Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts (Bob Armstrong), and show-guest-star, former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz (Gloria Reyes) promoted the second season through a fan event in the Philippines yesterday. MEGA sat down with each of them to discuss their experiences in shooting the second season and why viewers should give the show a chance.

In its first season, the show touched on Patty’s eating disorder alongside some of the characters’ depression and mental state.

MEGA: How important is mental health for you to share on your platform and the show?

Dallas: It’s very important. Mental health is one of the crucial things that many of the characters are dealing with, so it is very important to discuss.

Debby: I think it’s very important. There is a lot of stigma around it. I broke my knee two summers ago and I needed to stop walking. I needed to stop, go, and get it fixed. I could still move, I could still see my friends, I do my things but I needed to be really careful, protect it, and make sure that when it’s rebuilding, I was rebuilding it right, so that for the rest of my life, I get to walk on it balanced and not keep hurting myself. I think mental health should be treated exactly the same.

MEGA: Was there some sense of redemption in playing Patty after Season 1?

Debby: Yes, I think after season 1 people got to really go on a journey and they got to see not only where it starts, but this is where it takes Patty and [showed] introductions to why she is the way she is. I’ve dealt with disordered eating for a long time and the scene where Patty eats a cake, that was the first time that I’ve ever seen that. I’ve never seen someone on camera do that thing you do in private, in shame. And to be able to put all of that out there, and then come back and do it again, it felt freeing. It felt redemptive, it felt like all of the fear, all of the shame, the damage, and people telling you what you’re doing, that you’re a bad person for doing it [the show] or whatever; to be able to know how many people it helps and hear from countless people about having never seen things, heard things, and needing to see a coming out story goes like that [Patty’s disorder] and even to see someone find themselves that way. We get to do it all over again knowing that we had all these people who are just like us in a corner, (and there’s) nothing more redemptive than that.

MEGA: What lessons do you think people can learn from the show?

Dallas: We’re not people who behave particularly well. Hopefully, the show shows people that you love making decisions that maybe you wouldn’t make in your own life. The best thing you can learn from the show is not to behave like us.

The show focuses on Patty’s character who is a rookie pageant queen, handled by her coach Bob Armstrong. Together, they join pageants and discover their true selves with the help of each other and other characters of Insatiable.

It was announced prior to the release of Season 2’s trailer that the Philippines’ own former Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz, will be appearing as a guest star on the show. She’s one of the two Filipinos that are going to be featured on the second season of the show (the other being Vincent Rodriguez III, as revealed on NetflixPH’s IG TV).

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Insatiable Season 2 Philippines Event Day 1

Insatiable Season 2 Philippines Event Day 1

Patty and Bob have arrived. Better go and hide yourself. Debby, Dallas and Gloria Diaz attended Day 1 of the Insatiable Season 2 Event at the Manila House in Manila on Monday (October 7). Debby wore a Patty Ang dress.

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Insatiable Season 2 Trailer

Insatiable Season 2 Trailer

Grab your tiaras. Insatiable returns October 11, only on Netflix. Ready to see what Patty as in stock for us? Debby shared this information with us: remember the end of season one? 🥀imagine that was just the beginning; get excited 👄

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