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Insatiable Press Day 1

Insatiable Press Day 1

After visiting the Philippines Debby has started a small Insatiable Season 2 press tour in the USA. Last Wednesday (October 16) she visited a few radio studios in New York City.

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Question & Answer on Insatiable Season 2

Question & Answer on Insatiable Season 2

Debby is slowly finishing her press tour to the Philippines for Insatiable Season 2 and she seemed to have a blast. Yesterday Debby, Dallas Roberts and Gloria Diaz sat down for an exclusive Q&A about the second season.

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Insatiable Season 2 Trailer

Insatiable Season 2 Trailer

Grab your tiaras. Insatiable returns October 11, only on Netflix. Ready to see what Patty as in stock for us? Debby shared this information with us: remember the end of season one? 🥀imagine that was just the beginning; get excited 👄

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